How Our Lending Works

Who do we lend to?

We can lend to existing businesses, start ups, not for profit and other community based organisations.

What do our loans support?*

    • Business start ups
    • Working capital for businesses looking to expand and create new jobs or to safeguard existing jobs
    • Businesses looking to obtain new premises, purchase new equipment, purchase inventory, take on staff etc
    • Social enterprise initiatives
Our loans can be used for any business purpose. CWRT is here to remove the barriers to growth and offer you an alternative source of finance to grow or start up your business.

Applying for a loan

Every loan CWRT provides is considered individually on its own merit and support, training, help and advice is available to all successful applicants. We can offer unsecured loans but if security is available (e.g. on assets, property, or personal guarantees) it can increase the chance of success.

There are no early redemption fees

We can be flexible on how clients repay the loan. For most clients spreading the payments evenly over the term of the loan is the best way of repaying their loan. Others however may have a business model where they pay the capital in one lump sum at the end of the loan period and paying only the interest for intervening loan period.

Clients can pay off their loan at any time without early redemption fees and pay interest only on the amount borrowed for the period the loan was outstanding, not for the contract period.

Where our funding comes from

We receive funding from various organisations including the European Regional Development Fund, Coventry City Council, and Warwickshire County Council, which enables us to provide finance to individuals thinking about starting up their own business and existing businesses who wish to grow and develop.

If you need finance for your business or to start up a new business, then get in touch, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

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*Terms and conditions apply and all loans are subject to status