We are very pleased to share Responsible Finance’s latest research with you. ‘Responsible Finance: The industry in 2016’ sets out the latest performance of our industry, and shows a strong sector that is playing a vital role in supporting economic growth and building financial resilience.

The research shows that in 2016 responsible finance providers:

  • Lent a total of £242 million to 47,500 customers
  • Supported the start-up and survival of over 10,000 small businesses and social enterprises
  • Created and saved over 20,000 jobs
  • Helped 37,000 people access affordable credit, and supported them to deposit £3m in savings accounts
  • Provided £103 million in credit to 9,600 small businesses. This contributed £0.43 billion to the economy.

The full report is available on their website

And you can see their press release here.